Banquet - Event Management

Fully featured event management system for conference/ convention hotels and venues


 event management Fidelity Banquet & Event enables automation and management of a single-day event, a multi-day conference, or a multi-venue convention while providing 360° view of every guest or group event (banquet, seminar, conference, etc).

Developed specifically to manage the unique needs of convention and conference hotel property, Fidelity Banquet & Event is an effective and effortless system that enables support for every phase of any event management process, including: automatic client offer preparation, reserving the hall rooms or other facilities, coordinating the use of resources like catering, A/V equipment, personnel, real-time monitoring of event's tasks status completion, attendant's registration to the event and etc.



Key features

Client Offer

  Sales personnel can quickly and easily prepare professional great-looking document offer. The module allows the automatic document creation based on the received inquiries and prepared templates that are customized to the specific needs of the congress hotel. 

Bookings, Client Profiles & Waiting lists

  The system enables you to create single or repetitive bookings simply by copying existing events.

Graphical view of occupancy & capacity management

  The Event Plan offers a graphical display of hall's or meeting room's occupancy by days, weeks, and months, using different colors for easier event overview.

Dynamic sale of conference halls and meeting rooms

   The halls can be sold as a whole or as separate units, where basic measures are defined for every selling unit (width, height, area, entrance width and height, maximum number of attendees for individual set-ups, such as theater, classroom, reception, boardroom, etc.).

Work Order

  Work order includes all basic information about the client, arrangements, and other order data: reserved halls, technical equipment, personnel, order instructions of preparing meals and break times. Work order also includes arrangement schedule by days and comments to the arrangement or to individual event within the arrangement.

Banquet Task Monitoring System

  Fidelity Banquet Task Monitoring provides real-time information to manage and control different event preparation work departments, such as F&B service, kitchen or technical department. The module enables automated instructions to appropriate employees or to each individual department; whilst each department/employee have the possibility to confirm concrete task completion with the help of a touch screen. The monitoring is carried out by a monitoring system of ordered and carried out tasks in real-time.

Graphical display of conference halls & reservation of seats/ tables on room seating charts

  Each individual event can have different seating charts and seating arrangements. Due to the flexible pricing, reservations and selling of individual seats and tables to the customer may differ (ex. higher price for the table in the first row).

Online event registration and reservation of the seat/table

  The module supports online registration of participants to the specific event in real time, enabling also a booking of a specific table / seat, an online payment and issue of registration cards / tickets.

Accommodation Management

  With Fidelity PMS integration Fidelity Banquet solution can easily book events and at the same time reserve rooms in multiple properties for event participants. All event participants can be added to your Fidelity PMS as group members. As event participants hotel guests can receive special arrangements, special prices or discounts.

Flexible Billing

  You can create numerous invoices including proforma invoices before the event and group invoices for all hotel and banquet services after the event.

Powerful Reporting

  The system enables you to generate various reports to see how your banquet business is doing including client reports, weekly or monthly event reports, sale by banquet halls, sale per month, sale per client and more. Reports can be customized.