Leisure Management System

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Reliable & interactive  

Designed to meet diverse requirements of leisure & wellness establishments

Suitable for spa resorts & wellness hotels


Ideal management tool that offers effective, fast, and complete solution for wellness, spa & beauty centers

Covering all business aspects of availability planning, reservations, and service accounting.Fidelity Leisure offers many possibilities of tracking and keeping records of transactions, printing different reports and statistics. With advanced schedules and itemized statements, you can optimize your capacity occupancy and achieve your staff's efficiency. With Fidelity PMS integration, your hotel reception can simply enter names of guests who scheduled on-site activities or spa appointments, creating one profile that serves both Fidelity Property Management and Fidelity Leisure. Every scheduled appointment made by receptionist in Fidelity PMS is automatically transferred to Fidelity Leisure as an order to be carried out.

What is more, the fully integrated Fidelity Leisure & Wellness management system links your property’s recreational facilities with your accommodations, enabling hotel resort to create and manage complex stays and vacation packages. In addition with Fidelity Online Booking integration, hotel resort can create and sell numerous packages and offers online, combining hotel services with wellness services or on-site activities. Such online bookings are made and transferred automatically in real time to Fidelity PMS and Fidelity Leisure with an order of specific activity included in the package to be carried out. With PAY-TV integration, your resort guests are, during their stay, noted on every scheduled on-site activity or spa treatment on TV screen in their hotel room.


Key features

Front Office/ Reception Management

  • Calendar (daily/weekly/monthly) overview of reservations with zoom in/out function.
  • Service bookings and package bookings.
  • Automated search of availability & capacity including proposals of optimal times & dates.
  • Check-in, check-out, no-show, cancellation.
  • Occupancy overview of your staff, facilities and items.
  • Customized »guest card« printout. 

Guest Management

  • Guest Profile/History
  • Visual Identification of a guest
  • Hotel Guest treatment
  • Card membership

Staff & Room Availability Management

  • Overview of staff occupancy by day/week/month
  • Defining of which activities can be done by a certain employee and in which room
  • Flexible staff and room scheduling
  • Allocate staff or equipment to individual service
  • Moving of employees from one profit center to another

Fitness Management

  • Member management
  • Sale of cards with a closing date
  • Sale of cards with a limited number of entrances
  • Planning of group training/workout
  • Simple tracking of guest's presence
  • Taking pictures of guest member's


  • Flexible accounting
  • Your own sales policy
  • Possibility of working with four bills for one guest at the same time
  • Transfer of charges among bills/to other guests
  • Different types of accounts/bills
  • Gift certificates
  • Account settling of walk-in guests
  • Manual postings of charges
  • Review of issued bills by different criteria
  • In-term bill and bill in advance
  • Cancellation of all bills
  • Reversal of service/posting/bill
  • Cashier closure, together with cashier reports



  • Numerous analytic and interactive reports
  • Reports upon order
  • Reports based on different criteria (total or detailed turnover by period for staff, services, packages and facilities, bookings by period);
  • Statistics reports;
  • Reports export to EXCEL, HTML, PDF, etc.