Property Management System

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Designed from the effective hospitality management standpoint.

High level of integration.

Powerful hotel resort feature.


Fidelity PMS is a full featured Hotel Property Management Solution for single or multiple hotel properties 

As a completely integrated package, Fidelity offers effective solutions for hotel managers, for a sales office with allotments, for reservations office using agency/group handling, for a cashier with currency exchange office, for housekeeping and back office etc. Fidelity supports unlimited room types, rate packages and variety of manager and market reports. These features are designed to track your business, increase your business turnover/profit and assist your marketing department in optimizing service delivery, selling your hotel services with the greatest efficiency, reducing costly overbooking etc.  All in all, Fidelity processes a wide range of information helping you achieve your business goals.

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List of features

Easy to use

  • Real-Time Room Plan - highly efficient graphic system for monitoring & planning hotel availability in real time (offers direct access to all front office package functions)
  • Fast data access
  • Fidelity accelerator keys
  • Open to Industry standard products & services (MS Office, E-mail,...)
  • Standards in GUI (graphical user interace) to provide the ease of use and training
  • Service support network

Customizable, flexible & user definable

The Fidelity Hotel Management System is highly flexible. Thanks to its user-definability, the system can be customized to any hotel environment and size.

Strong points in flexibility are:

  • Report Generator
  • User-definable reports
  • User-definable night audit
  • User-definable fields
  • User-definable language
  • Multiple installation parameters
  • Several security levels
  • Fulfilment of legal an financial requirement of different countries


  • Back Office Systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • Point of Sales (POS) Systems
  • Door Locking Systems
  • Mini-bar
  • Energy Management
  • Video Systems
  • GDS/IDS interface
  • PAY-TV, etc.

Reservations, Check-in & Check out

  • Different Types of Reservations (individual, group, company, travel agents,...)
  • Market & Source Code
  • Automatic Rate & Package Assignment
  • No-Shows, Cancel Reservation & Reactivation of Reservation
  • Stoop booking, Do not rent
  • Multiple Rate & Rate Type per Stay
  • Split folio & Payment Transfer
  • Change & Exchange Room, Room Sharing
  • Reservations connected to Guest History/Profile
  • Availability forecast (by reservation type or room type, etc.)
  • Fast Check-in & Check-out
  • Late Check-out

Profiles/ Guest History

Complete demographic records for guests, companies, contacts, groups, travel agents and sources. Profiles include addresses, phone numbers, guest statistics, revenue, guest preferences & guest photo. Statistics by revenue, number of stays, number of nights and number of cancellations, not only for individual guests but also for companies, travel agents, and sources.

Group Management

  • Reservation;
  • Check-In and Check-Out from single screen;
  • Group and Room Payment from single screen;
  • Perform automatic room assignment as well as automatic room type assignment with selection by hotel-specific features;
  • Different length of stay for each group member;
  • Group check-out or individual check-out.


  • Multiple cashier numbers;
  • Multi currency;
  • In multi-property environments guest charges can be cross-posted from any property in the hotel complex.
  • Multiple payment methods: cash, credit cards, direct bills.
  • Complete cashier journal.
  • Deposit accounting.

Accounts receivable

  •  Direct billing;
  • City ledger;  
  • Invoicing;
  • Account aging;  
  • Bill payments.

Back Office

  • No down time;  
  • Night Audit Rate & Revenue Management;
  • Direct Billing;
  • City Ledger;
  • Business Source & Travel Agent Backup;
  • Restore.

Room Management

  • Room Availability;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Maintenance; Room Status Diagram.

Global perspective

  • Multilingual (English, German, Italian, Chinese etc.)
  • Multiple Currency;
  • Date & Time Format;
  • Number & Currency Format.


  • Manager & marketing reports
  • Advanced analytical reports
  • Over 500 standard reports in categories: Guests in House, Reservations, Guest history, Financial, Night audit, Statistics, Shift reports, Configuration reports, Comparison with last year (day, month, year) and budget