Guest Loyalty Management

High performace guest loyalty management

Guest Loyalty  Fidelity's Guest Loyalty Management System with multi-functional smart cards offers a perfect solution to promote and maintain your customer loyalty. Fidelity's integrated technology enables compatibility with your CRM data along with relevant services that benefit customers and ultimately increase customer retention and conversion rates.

From fully integrated points-based loyalty programs to real-time loyalty and promotion at the point of sale Guest Loyalty enables you to create a loyalty program that is as distinctive as your property and designed to appeal specifically to your guest demographic.

As a web application, Guest Loyalty System is completely open for acquiring important guest information and their buying habits and it includes mechanisms to incorporate powerful incentives and reward features that motivate and reward loyal guests (bonuses, double points, rewards).

At every point of sale (for ex. hotel reception, hotel wellness center,…) our system enables dynamic real-time loyalty and promotion, for ex. different bonuses for different guest loyalty groups (depending on their earned points and your policy), communicates new guest expenses and what is more it can also perform as payment service based on your guest credit.