Patient Management System

Effective patient management system for health spas, rehabilitation centers, clinics

 bigstock Male therapist assisting young resize Developed specifically to manage the unique needs of a health-medical resort property, Fidelity Patient Management System is a user-friendly system that facilitates health and medical management of health spas, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, medical wellness centers or other medical practices.

Fidelity Patient Management System provides effective information support for modernized and simplified management of demanding process of patient's treatment or rehabilitation and medical service accounting. The system helps to manage records with complete details of patient's treatment along with treatment scheduling (physiotherapy treatment, acupuncture, etc.). It enables better work organisation: occupancy rate and staff planning, accelerated communication among departments and employees.

With Fidelity Leisure integration, it provides first-class solution for spas and medical centers which link traditional medical services with wellness (medical wellness).

With Fidelity PMS integration, the solution provides effective accommodation management of your patients/clients.



Key features

  • Full integration with Fidelity PMS and hotel's accommodation
  • Complete electronic medical record (EMR) of your client available within a moment
  • Easy operation and cutting down the administration procedures
  • View treatment being provided to any specific patient and his medical history
  • Automated transfer of doctor's instructions to therapy center, health care departments etc.
  • View and print your client's medical reports
  • Electronic documents for insurance companies
  • Ordering and accounting of services of medical specialists
  • Work and work efficiency analysis of different departments
  • Modern standards of data security