Restaurant Management System

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Full control over your daily business operations 

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High quality restaurant management system for hotel/resort restaurant, cafeteria, luxury dining

Fidelity RMS is a state-of-the-art system that provides fully automated operation and control of a restaurant. Based on over twenty years of development and experience of its users in many countries world-wide, this product is the result of the highest technology in this field.

Software development in the most modern computer science environment enables easy and efficient preparation and oversight if operation of a single eating establishment or of several catering facilities within a hotel complex. Price calculations, price-list adjustments, changes in work procedures and other tasks can be preformed with the greatest of ease on the computer in your office.





The Restaurant Management System combines the sales and purchase components of restaurant operation, based on food and beverage management. The system provides answers to several persisting questions about restaurant operation:

  • Which products are the largest profit makers?
  • What is the efficiency of the restaurant staff?
  • What was the sales of draught beer last Friday?
  • How much profit does the Vienna Schnitzel bring?
  • Which waiter performed best last month?
  • What is the stock turn over?
  • What is the current stock of the bar?
  • Which items must be ordered today?

Touch Terminals

Special software for IBM Touch Terminals facilitate the work of waiters when taking orders, billing and performing other tasks. A number of items on direct keys makes it easy placing orders to the kitchen, bar and other point of preparation. Scanner and scales can be connected.

Pda Terminals (pocket cash register)

Pda terminals "called pocket cash registers" by our users, raise the efficiency of waiters to a new record level. They also enable faster preparation of food and drinks and higher the turnover per table. And all this can be achieved with fewer waiters. While the guest is ordering food at the table, his or her drink is already being prepared at the bar. The introduction of a circular method of waiting on clients greatly reduced the length of path walked by the waiters. The result is friendlier and less tired staff.

Sales Monitoring

The Restaurant Management Systems enables efficient monitoring of sales according to various criteria. The system suggests what and how much should be ordered from the suppliers. It enables optimisation of stock; provides information on the quantities of beverages at the bar for a quick check. It also suggests price increases; monitors and controls the work of the personnel etc.


The integration of several printers, according to the need of users, enables efficient and rapid printing of order slips and well-designed bills of the highest quality. Two-colour printing and large letters provide better legibility of order slips which are cut by a special knife. Thermal printers are recommended for silent printing.

Flawless Food and Beverage Management

Perfect food and beverage management is an integral part of the Restaurant Management System. It enables the user to efficiently oversee he flow of products from the delivery, re-storage and re-stocking to the final use and to monitor the differences in stocks. The stock turnover ratio, supplier’s statistics, order proposals, or re-stocking as wall as other functions are efficient tools of automated food and beverage management. Minimal stocks, reduced operating costs, efficient stock control and clearly presented bill for the guest are the basis for a satisfied manager.



Key features

Hardware & Software Features

  • Handheld wireless terminals
  • Touch-screen terminals
  • Direct order placement to the kitchen, bar etc.
  • Simplified order-placement and calculation
  • Various rights for waiters
  • Control of waiter and their stocks
  • Direct connection to dispenser, credit card, hotel systems and vending machines
  • Cash drawer, customer display, scale and scanner
  • On-line computer connection
  • Protection against power failure
  • User-friendly software
  • Continuous assistance at work
  • Password protections, various user levels
  • Overview on display or print-out
  • Single-user system for guesthouse, restaurants and bars
  • Multi-user for hotels and big canteens
  • Integration to many other software packages
  • Data transfer to book keeping

Restaurant Management Tasks

  • Reports on sales, costs, taxes and profits
  • Monitoring the efficiency of waiters, products and sales points
  • Record of working hours of waiters
  • Overview of reversals and corrections
  • Access to old bills
  • Stock turnover statistics
  • Management functions and overview
  • Data retrieval for any period using various parameters and sequence of items

 Functions & Characteristics of Food & Beverage Management

  • Application of standards up to nine levels with "nesting"
  • Calculation of purchases and sales prices, expected profit
  • Orders to suppliers, entry of delivery orders
  • Automatic consumption of material, proposals for orders and re-stocking
  • Evaluations of stocks according to various methods, revaluation
  • Verification of stocks at any storage point at any moment, stock-taking
  • Minimization of stock volume
  • Breakdown and calculation of input products, in-house products
  • Reports, overviews and statistics