HSC is a suite of Hospitality applications which bridges the gap between optimizing guest services and lowering costs at the same time.

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Suite includes following modules (click on link for details):

  • HSC Entry - Hotel communication solution for small hotels and guest houses
  • HSC Connect - Hospitality Middleware PBX <-> PMS
  • HSC Service Tracking - Intelligent, guest-focused service tracking solution for hotels
  • HSC Mobile - Runners iOS & Android application
  • HSC SMS – Guest SMS integration with PMS and Service Tracking
  • HSC Hot Spot – Efficient and flexible Internet Hotspot


Hospitality Service Center (HSC) automates the handling of guests requests, complaints and engineering tasks.

HSC provides our customers with the following major benefits:

  • Streamline procedures by automating workflow in hotel
  • Our solutions support impeccable guest service
  • Best-in-class services lead to satisfied guests
  • High guest satisfaction retains customers and wins new ones
  • Higher guest loyalty means higher occupancy rates
  • Higher profitability and increased hotel brand value
  • We take a partnership approach with our customers so you're never on your own


Boosting Guest Satisfaction


HSC as a tool to enhance efficiency by:

  • improving information processing
  • planning and control
  • enhancing work processes & eliminating mundane tasks,
  • Guest profiling – VIP guests enjoy faster response,
  • reducing costs (predominantly labor costs and specific jobs such as e.g. night auditing),
  • as a result and part of Your Hotel „Green Initiative" our solution will help to consume less time, energy and labor resources.

HSC green technology